Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis

Corporate social responsibility is always a controversy topic when people discuss about a company’s contribution towards the society. Nowadays, many corporation has implemented policies that aims to provide social benefit to the communities. In Kasturi Rangan, Lisa Chase and Sohel Karim’s article “THE TRUTH ABOUT CSR”, the authors believe that the corporation’s main goal regarding to social responsibility is to align the “social and environmental activities with business purpose and value” (42). My review intends to explore the problems that companies face with CSR, and how could the companies improve their CSR strategies that will align with company’s values and purposes. From authors’ perspective, they believe that implementing strategies that coherent with a company’s value and purpose is essentially important because it not only benefit the society, but also bring a leap in the sales revenue as well. I agree with authors’ opinion because practicing CSR adds the social awareness to the company, and bring the good reputation to the company at the same time. However, being able to develop a strategic plan for the CSR is another challenge that many companies are facing today.

Background Information

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a hot topic in corporate management which driven by different stakeholders such as brand manufacturing, governments, and media. There is still a
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The first one is “pruning and aligning programs with theaters”, which means bring coherent to the program that company has. The second one is to develop “metrics to gauge performance”, and this helps the company to measure the nonfinancial output. The third one is to coordinate “programs across the theater” which means it has to be consistent with firm’s business purpose and values. Lastly, we want to develop an interdisciplinary CSR

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