Corporate Social Responsibilities And Csr Essay

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What is CSR?

Corporation social responsibilities (CSR) has been defined as a company’s ‘’status and activities with respect to its perceived societal obligation” (Brown and Dacin 1997, p 68). In the recent years, CSR has growing to be one of the main reasons why the societies views and actions have changed towards international companies. Approximately, more than 80% of the fortune-500 organizations address corporate social responsibilities issues on their sites (Esrock and Leichty 1998). In the recent years, this has increased the customer’s interest’s regards to fair trade and environmental issues towards company’s CSR activities. The effect of this has put a spotlight on CSR, which has also forced a growing number of corporations to adapt the idea of CSR.
The main reason for increasing the interest in CSR, is because the influence on consumers behaviour at a time requiring more out of organizations rather than a quality of a product at a lower price (Marin, et al, 2008).
Consumer behaviour is a customers feeling towards a product or an organization services, (Schiffman, et al, 2013, p4) described consumer behaviour to be, “as the behaviour that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs.”
A businesses evaluation states to the degree of positiveness or negativness of the topics global judgment of the organizations (Marin, et al, 2008). From marketing’s viewpoint,…

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