Corporate Social Repsonsiblities Essay examples

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Corporate Social Responsibilities
By Amber Horwood

Corporate Social Responsibility is an organizations sense of responsibility for the impacts ethically, behaviorally and socially, on society, the environment, and the Community. It is an approach to managing business activities and decisions in a more ethical way that contributes not only to the business its self but the community, staff and the environment. The social aspects of Corporate Social Responsibilities relate to the economic and environmental responsibilities of a business or organization, in order to create and maintain higher living standards. Some of the other aspects include responding positively to emerging social and environmental problems and taking initiative to
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Not only will it help reach these goals but also allow the strengthening of relationships between businesses and suppliers by having similar objectives and principles. The other key benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility is that it generally intern causes high costumer retention numbers, many customers will remember a business that is either helping the wider community, or environment by supporting them or being more environmentally aware. These small differences are what set and differentiates businesses, companies and different organization apart, helping to gain new customers all the time. Attracting, retaining and maintaining a supportive and happy workplace is a major benefit as it helps allows there to be a more productive workforce leading to better environment for work. Their Corporate Social Responsibilities, as well helping them to save money on energy, can also uplift a business’s reputation and standing. The benefits are only present if the business is still profitable whilst these news responsibilities are undertaken.

There some disadvantages that a Business, Organization or Company may suffer when adopting Corporate Social Responsibilities, the main disadvantages that arise from taking on these responsibilities that is that focus is taken off from the business its self. This means that emphasis may be taken away from an organization main

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