Corporate Financial Analysis Essay

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Overview of the course O i f th Understanding the company Financial statements

Paperless, sustainable, eco‐friendly
 On UTS online:  all the readings are available in pdf format  all the lecture slides are available in pdf or pptx format  This saves you approx $140 AND you can use it on your

iPad/reader/phone/laptop/PC (or print it out)?
 Does it make you more efficient?

Lecture 1 - Intro


How to do well in the class:
 Ensure you can do the “DO LIST” each week  The tutorial questions will be introduced during the lecture at the point where the material is introduced  Try the tutorial questions before the tutorial y q  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to try the question first and come to the tutorial and be
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 Income statement – top line is revenue and it is 100%,

everything else is less. And hopefully net income is positive.

Lecture 1 - Intro



Create common size financial statements
 OR you can divide the balance sheet items by the total

assets, and the income statement items by the total revenue

Lecture 1 - Intro


Tutorial Question 1 (for tutorial in week 2)
 Using the spreadsheet provided on UTS online,

calculate common size financial statements for Company A  What trends are present?  What possible explanations do you have for the trends?

Lecture 1 - Intro


Common size
 What is specific to each industry?  Grocery store chain

High COGS, low profit margin. Profit is in

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