Essay about Corporate Finance : The Overlooked Finance Career

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Corporate Finance: The Overlooked Finance Career
Corporate finance has been overlooked as a secondary choice for an undergraduate finance major that wasn’t able to break into Wall Street. Until recently, the reputation of holding a corporate finance job was not as prestigious as an investment-banking resume. In this paper, my objective is to enlighten the reader on the career paths of an entry-level corporate finance analyst and why I decided that corporate finance is the right path for me.
The corporate finance is the department that deals with the firm’s source of financing, developing the firm’s capital structure, and the decisions made to grow the firms business in order to maximize investor’s wealth (shareholder and bondholders). Within corporate finance, the average firm is separated into three divisions, which are
1. Controller
2. Financial, Planning, and Analysis (FP&A)
3. Treasury
The controller department usually has the worst reputation of the three departments and often referred to as financial accounting. A controller analyst will be responsible making sure the firm’s financial statements are clear and accurately represented. Controller analysts are a liaison between financial departments and the accountants. The CFO of the firm will have accountants in the controller department make adjustments to financial statements to hit target net incomes. As a controller analyst, your job is to manage making the CFO happy as well as…

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