Corporate Ethics Of Fedex

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FedEx’s corporate philosophy of People-Service-Profit fosters the type of working environment that develops and rewards its employees while focusing on customer needs.
3 Pepsi Co Asia, Middle East & Africa
Food & Beverage
PepsiCo values are not only communicated, but are also audited to check for compliance and integration into their culture so that they know if they are doing well against their Values.
4 Marriott
Marriott has a distinct culture where it inspires every employee to perform through its “Spirit to Serve” program.
5 Merck Serono
Every year, all of the employees of Merck from across the region come together for four or five days at an exotic location to celebrate their successes, develop teamwork, and plan for the
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It is about changing the world, and they have lots of opportunities to do so, including being involved in corporate social responsibility efforts such as The Onederworld Programme.
7 SHUAA Capital
Financial Services
SHUAA Capital is committed to the development of its employees through a phased development program that properly prepares staff members to be successful as they take on more responsibility.
Technology takes employee suggestions very seriously and considers them to be reservoirs of business ideas which could lead to the ‘next big thing’ for the company. Internal sites are available to employees to offer administrative as well as innovative business suggestions and to share experiences and success stories that continuously feed into internal best practice.

9 Zayed University
Zayed University launched a recognition program with the “platinum rule” of “recognizing people the way they want to be recognized”. The overarching mission of this program is to energize and engage employees while fostering a culture of appreciation.
10 Dulsco LLC

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