Corporate Culture : Healthsouth Inc. Essay

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Today’s society is mostly diverse. On that account, every individual is different and contributes unique and valuable goals, beliefs, ideas, and principles, which are utilized to ethically guide an organization. Although the possibilities of conflict are many, these differences are the primary strength of an organization’s culture. Consequently, corporate culture is defined by the organization’s shared values and enforced by its leaders to sustain organizational performance (Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014). For this reason, it is important to ensure that the organization’s culture is managed properly, especially to procure organizational performance, efficiency, and success. Given the significance of corporate culture, one will, discuss HealthSouth’s fraud case, examine the ethical issues involved, and elaborate on their ethical program.
HealthSouth Inc. is a nationally well-known orthopedic hospital and outpatient center founded by Richard Scrushy. Despite of his uprising, he was able to publically establish his own company in 1984. In fact, through out the years, HealthSouth has achieved a distinguished reputation and reported immense market values of over $12 billion (Lupica, 2014). Nonetheless, when the company’s market and financial value was reexamined, a $2.7 billion of accounting fraud was discovered (Lupica, 2014). During the investigation process, it was discovered that the responsible parties were none other than the executives of HealthSouth (Lupica,…

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