Comparing Two Concepts Synonymous To CSR

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2.2 Concepts Synonymous to CSR 2.2.1 Corporate Citizenship (CP)
Corporate citizenship a concept which is often used interchangeably with CSR. Irrespective of the way and manner in which concept is being defined it seems to have more or less overlap with the concept of CSR. Carroll (2008) stated in his work that corporate citizenship may be broadly or narrowly conceived in CSR. According to Carroll (2001), the philanthropic responsibility he mentioned in his hierarchical framework refers to being a good corporate citizen. However, Carroll‟s position has attracted several academic criticisms by several scholars in the literature. One of the studies that challenged Carroll‟s assertion was conducted by Olawale (2009) who argued that, corporate citizenship cannot be considered as a concept synonymous to CSR. This is because philanthropic responsibilities only cannot constitute total CSR. All other responsibilities (ethical, legal and economic) as mentioned by Carroll must be broadly conceived to complete 2.2.2 Corporate Ethics (CE)
Business Ethics, (2008) view corporate ethics as “the application of ethical reasoning into the corporate business activities”. According to Business ethics, corporate ethics and CSR are not completely the same. Business Ethics can be recognized as a component
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CSR is considered as a component part of sustainability. Olawale (2009) posited that CS is remained the universe while CSR is the subset. According to him CSR is a necessary condition or prerequisite to sustainability, but not sufficient. This signifies total agreement with the definition forwarded by The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD, 2000). According to WBCSD as in Carroll (2008), CSR is the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, local communities, investors, customers, creditors, suppliers, government and society at

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