Corporal Punishment Theory

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Register to read the introduction… Gershoff also goes as far as to distinguish the contexts in which corporal punishment might occur. Interestingly, despite being a known advocate for the elimination of corporal punishment as a resource for discipline, Gershoff’s “model described above provides a guide for understanding the direct, mediated, and moderated pathways by which corporal punishment might be expected to affect children” (Gershoff 567). When seeking to persuade the general population to a viewpoint, it is most important to be definitive with bold claims. By using the term “might,” she allowed room for doubt in her argument. Her conclusion was open ended in that she emphasized the necessity of scientific research to “empirically” establish links between corporal punishment and its effects on children as recipients. Nevertheless, her apt use of citation, language, and genuine enthusiasm gained the attention and responses of many other scholars invested in this controversial …show more content…
Most important is that parents don’t rely on corporal punishment as their only means of behavior correction. As a child grows older and develops mentally, the ability to respond to reasoning increases and consequently the need for physical punishment should decrease (Trumbell 12). Throughout the review, the ACP remains neutral in seeking not to state a polarized opinion, but provide a more useful definition of corporal punishment and how it can be properly enacted. Unlike Gershoff, this report had greater significance in that it sought to actually provide a descriptive method of action for …show more content…
(3) If yes, do you agree with your parents’ decision to physically reprimand you? (Only if used in a positive manner. I.e., mildly, in appropriate physical areas, and outside of the public.) If you did not agree, please write a brief explanation of why you feel spanking was harmful.
In order to properly confirm the Pediatricians’ guide to proper use of corporal punishment, I would need access to at least a decade’s worth of research following the growth and development of children who are disciplined with corporal punishment versus those whose parents prefer a more lenient method of discipline. However, my research will contribute to the conversation by use of personal interviews and firsthand videos researched online.

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