Corporal Punishment Should Not Be Defined Essay examples

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, corporal punishment can be defined as broadly as “punishment inflicted on a person 's body.” A more thorough description is provided by, however, which uses the definition: “physical punishment, as spanking, inflicted on a child by an adult in authority.” Despite the indistinct line between corporal punishment and abuse, United States federal law allows corporal punishment in both school and home settings. In 1977, the Supreme Court ruled in Ingraham v. Wright that corporal punishment could not be considered “cruel and unusual punishment” as punishment in schools were not the same as criminal punishment (Ingraham v. Wright). It is ultimately left up to the states whether or not to ban corporal punishment. While no states have banned the use of corporal punishment at home, 31 out of 50 states have banned the use of corporal punishment in schools with the exception of self-defense, “reasonable” force used to restrain and prevent injury, or other such emergency situations ( The legality of using corporal punishment as a form of discipline is highly debated worldwide, public approval of the practice varying from country to country or even state to state. Many Americans defend the use of spanking based on personal experience and anecdotes to prove its usefulness, despite numerous studies to the contrary. Corporal punishment of children should be illegal in all settings to prevent the abuse of power…

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