Corporal Punishment And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Statistics show that 94% of parents of toddlers use some form of corporal punishment and that 72% of a college student sample reported that they recalled experiencing some form of corporal punishment in their childhood (Athea C.A, Parkin C.M.). Corporal Punishment when referring to children is when physical force is used to correct or control a child’s behavior. The punishment is intended to cause discomfort and pain no matter how mild. Punishment in Psychology is defined as “any change that occurs after a behavior that reduces the likelihood that the behavior will occur again in the future.” In simple terms, punishment which can be both physical and emotional can suppress behavior. However there is a numerous amount of problems that come with the use of punishment. It decreases self-esteem and compliance, heightens aggression, increases anxiety, fear, and resistance.
Studies dating back around the 1960’s suggested that there was a relationship between decreased cognitive ability in early childhood and corporal punishment. Recent research has continued to support this claim. For example the Berkley Growth Study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (Bayley 1964). The Berkley Growth Study studied the correlation between maternal and child behaviors with children’s intelligence over an 18 year span. The study showed that sons of hostile mothers who used various forms of corporal punishment scored high in intelligence in the first year, however the sons had low…

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