Coronary Artery Disease And Hypertension Essays

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Introduction There are many different diseases that are prevalent in the population today. Walks for cancer and MS, and ice water bucket challenges for ALS. However something that does not get a lot of attention and is the number 1 killer or people in the United States is Heart disease (Leading Causes of Death, 2015). Underlying the blanket term of Heart disease are some diagnoses such as CAD, HTN, and angina or narrowing of coronary arteries causing pain (Heart Disease, n.d.). The purpose of this paper is to elicit information about coronary artery disease and hypertension related to being post myocardial infarction and how that can lead to congestive heart failure exacerbation.
Mr. Jones is a 62 year old Caucasian male with coronary artery disease and hypertension. He lives with his wife and 1 dog they have had for 10 years, in a house in the suburbs. He is a lawyer and has been practicing law for 25 years. He had a myocardial infarction 1 year ago, and there was no cardiac damage done that could be seen at the time of his workup. At the time, Mr. Jones was having no signs or symptoms of congestive heart failure, so his cardiologist decided not to put him on diuretics.
He has come in today for increasing shortness of breath with exercise, and when he is trying to lay down on the sofa or in bed at night. He has discovered after trying it the past couple of nights, that he can sleep better in his lazy boy because it doesn 't cause him to become short of…

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