Corona Vs. Heineken Essay

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Corona vs. Heineken Which is the more superior beer, Corona or Heineken? I believe Corona is the better beer due to the fact that Corona has the better taste and personally I would drink Corona over Heineken. Heineken once gave me an excruciating headache that caused agonizing pain from the head down after a long day of drinking Heineken out on the lake. Corona is the better beer when compared to Heineken. For example, I once purchased a six pack of each brand to meet my hydration needs to prepare myself for a long, yet fun lake day. After finishing both servings of beverages, I realized that Corona is the more superior beer because Corona did not leave the bitter after taste and left me feeling refreshed. As a result, I made the trip across the lake to purchase more. I prefer a cold, refreshing beer, so I understand that any beer with good quality will satisfy a regular drinker rather than the usual watered down beer such as Keystone, Coors, or Bud Light. I give praise to both Brewing companies; however, Corona has the edge over Heineken in my book. Corona is the more superior beer due to three key reasons, price, ingredients, and quality. Now that these three factors have beer lovers curious as to which beer is better product, let me discuss why Corona is the better beer product over Heineken. Any beer company with enough money can advertise their product all around the globe, but the best companies are the ones that stay true to their word, such as the price…

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