Essay Cormac Mccarthy : A Literary Mastermind

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Cormac McCarthy: A Literary Mastermind Cormac McCarthy paints an indelible post-apocalyptic world in his work titled The Road through assiduously chosen vocabulary and his own construct of grammar rules. In his writing (including but not limited to The Road), McCarthy is the autocrat of proper grammar. Often, he excludes apostrophes that would earn point deductions in a fourth grade classroom. Other times, he may use sentence fragment only two words long. Be that as it may, McCarthy does not feel these are a dereliction. In fact, McCarthy does it wittingly. He also exploits tactics such as figurative language. McCarthy’s approach at writing brings sentience to his audience; something that other authors toil for years to achieve. The predominant idea behind this book is love. The Road was dedicated to Cormac McCarthy’s son, John McCarthy, and ties profoundly into the father/son bond. While this may be, the novel is an unmitigated horror story. The little boy wanders upon a decapitated infant roasting in a fire at one point!
They walked into the little clearing, the boy clutching his hand. They 'd [three men and a woman] taken everything with them except whatever black thing was skewered over the coals. He was standing there checking the perimeter when the boy turned and buried his face against him…What is it? he said. What is it? The boy shook his head. Oh Papa, he said…What the boy had seen was a charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening on the spit. He bent…

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