Core Values That Influence Making Decisions Essay

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Core values that influence making decisions
My first core value is that what I create must align with scripture. Scripture is infallible in the sense that its authority and power come from the Holy Spirit who is God. Because it is inspired by the spirit is lets the reader become more like God by knowing him. Further, scripture is completely true because it was inspired by God who cannot and will not lie. Thus, programs that are based on scripture expose others the only full truth that exists. With this knowledge, it is the utmost importance that my ministry decisions line up with scripture. Specifically, I must make films that I convey biblical truths. Otherwise, I am depriving individuals of truly knowing their creator. For example, if I made a film that endorsed Buddhist theology, I would be promoting a worldview foreign to what is true. Thus, I would be responsible for leading people away from Christ. In the end, whatever decisions I make must be rooted in the word of God.
My second value is being guided by the spirit in making decisions. This comes from taking the time to actually listen to what he tells me to do. I can hear the Spirit through prayer, devotional reading, or from the teaching of the word. Thus, before I make my decisions, I will first pray and wait to hear God 's guidance on the matters at hand. Also listening to the Holy Spirit brings peace to my inner man. This enables me to make decisions from a state of peace rather than panic. In addition,…

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