Essay about Cordia Llp

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Question One
Assess the strategic position of Cordia, paying particular attention to an organisational cultural perspective. ___________________________________________________________________
Organisational culture both limits and aids strategic processes in organisations and Cordia is no different. One of the most effective ways of understanding the impact of culture on the strategic processes of a company is through the analysis of that company’s culture. A revealing model is the cultural web which is mainly suited to this purpose. The cultural web shows the behavioural, physical and symbolic manifestations of a culture that inform or are informed by the ‘taken-for-granted’ paradigms of an organisation1. The following is a depiction
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The continued alignment to the heritage of Council dominance is manifested in many of the routines and control systems. Effectively, the ways of operating remain those of the past. In view of this, Cordia will never be able to break completely free of certain cultural mind-sets that the council has nurtured. This makes fostering a new strategy very difficult.

* Another important point to consider is how the Cordia leaders perceive themselves. In keeping with the companies deep connection with history and seeing their jobs as being 100% secure, do the leaders have the view that they are still within the protected shield of the council or do they believe that they are part of a more fluid social network. It is imperative that the leaders understand the Cordia Way and what it implies to the company. This will ensure that work effectively to increase revenue rather than break even with the view that everyone is safe.

Cordia’s strategic position as per the case describes a company that relies on the past to make decisions in the present. It also implies a high regard for formality and structure and little regard for fluidity in strategy and decision making. Cordia has outlines a change management plan to deal with these issues. In dealing with cultural issues within the company, they must not lose

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