Coraline Essay

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Neil Gaiman’s children’s novel Coraline begins when Coraline, a young girl, and her parents moving into a second-floor flat in an old house. She then enters a parallel universe in which she begins her journey quest. As well as in Harry Potter, Coraline follows the classic pattern of a quest story, with plenty of interesting and imaginative twists on the genre.
The hero with a thousand faces presents the idea of a hero’s journey, also called as the monomyth. Written in 1949 by Joseph Campbell, the book uses worldwide examples in order to highlight the similarities found in every heros journey, which can be seen in Coraline. one can see how in Coraline also passes threw different hero phases such as the call to adventure,
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At the end of the journey when she rescues her parents, leaves the Other World and saves the real world from the Other Mother, Coraline return the stone with the hole in it to Ms. Forcible. Coraline says “Here you go, …I don’t need it anymore. I’m very grateful. I think it may have saved my life and some other people’s deaths.”(193) Letting Coraline and the readers know that the story was more than just not a figment of Coralines imagination.
Coraline has

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