Coral And Its Effects On Coral Reefs Essay

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Coral Bleaching
As a kid I was always fascinated with coral’s, seeing them on disney movies and other cartoons made me really want to see one in person. Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful living things that the ocean has to offer. Its array of vibrant colors are so attractive they make you want to go in the ocean yourself and look at them up close. Though coral reefs are less than one percent of the earth 's surface, 25 percent of marine fish species live in the coral reefs. The animals that live there are broken up into different categories of animals. Among the vertebrate animals which are animals with backbones and spinal columns, only a view groups contain species that certain to be found within the coral reef community. Species such as sea turtles, dugongs, manatees and vertebrate visitors that usually come to the coral reef to hunt. The Most vertebrates found in coral reefs are fish. The Coral Triangle alone supports more than 2,000 fish species. The most abundant reef fish are wrasses, 500 species of them measuring less than 8 inches long, they don 't take up a lot of space but when they are all bunched up together they almost look as if they are one fish. The top predators of coral reefs are sharks. Blacktip and whitetip reef sharks hunt in Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Parrotfish also inhabit coral reefs, as do seahorses, which grab onto corals with their prehensile tails. The invertebrate species are animals without backbones. Vertebrate…

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