Essay on Copyright Infringement Laws Should Be Legal

924 Words Sep 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Today’s internet has a multitude of uses, thousands even, but most commonly we have video and music sharing done by the average internet user. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and other online data sharing and downloading sites are the most commonly used. One could also use the internet for downloading songs, videos and information online, and this can be done for a plethora reasons. Some media files can be downloaded or “pirated” solely for the purpose of enjoyment, or perhaps for video editing, or even for mass production and selling. Copyright infringement laws are set in place to protect creators of content from the latter, the theft and misuse of their product. Unfortunately, large companies abuse copyright infringement laws to make money off of internet users who have “pirated” media files online. The issues with copyright infringement are becoming more and more relevant as people are reusing, and recreating old content, and then sharing it with millions of people. Unless there is a profit involved for them most large companies that own the majority of content wont care where their content is. Once a person is making money off of copyrighted material by companies such as Warner Bros. or by Disney, then they’ve got trouble. One great example of industrial greed is when a Fox television show, Firefly was cancelled, a loyal fan base continued to honor the show by knitting the main characters hat. The movement became very popular and the hat was traded and…

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