Copper's Room-Personal Narrative Analysis

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My bunny, Copper, has always been a good distraction from my troubles. He makes me laugh when I feel my lowest; he burrows with me in the blankets when I need a friend; he is a fabulous listener, and he makes even the most overcast days brighter. Whimsically jumping to the gate of the cage as I saunter into the bedroom; Copper is always jovial to see me. In addition to all this, Copper has also proven to act as an inspiration to me as well; the very center of an event that has impacted who I live as today. One small, seemingly insignificant moment that has solidified my resolve to make the best of my situation. The modest, but spacious bedroom smelled of sweet, buttery sugar cookies. TARDIS blue, textured walls contrast well with the smooth, clean, and modern snow white furniture. The clean carpet presents a biscuit hue, and rough texture from age. Distinct sounds of cooking from the kitchen above drifts down the stairs; pots and pans banging, sizzling, rapid stirring, and the thump of a knife hitting the cutting board; the delectable smell of browning, hamburger meat with …show more content…
As he familiarizes himself with the closet, he begins to play with a standing shoe rack; hopping from shelf to shelf. Retrieving the new toys from the PetSmart shopping bag; I place them on the floor next to him. A set of colorful baby keys proves the winner of the day. Clearly in a state of excitement Copper barrels across the room with keys in tow; chucking them all over the place. I continue to watch him play and adjust to his new home. After some time, I collect him to return him to his cage; he appears genuinely downtrodden to stop playing. Carefully helping him into the cage along with his baby keys and new toys I secure his kennel and leave the room. While ascending the stairs, I couldn't stop myself from smiling at what had just

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