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In the novel Copper Sun the viewpoints were taken from a 15-year-old slave girl named Amari, and a 17-year-old indentured servant Polly, Copper Sun is a story of the struggles in the face of human beings during slave times and a hope for freedom against all odds and circumstances. In the novel the AOI that it is portrayed is the area of Health and social education. I chose this AOI because both Amari and Polly had to adapt to their new surroundings and they also had to learn the routes around the Mr.Derbys rice plantation.

The AOI that Copper Sun reveals is in the the category of Health and social education. In the introduction of the novel Amari is in her small village in Africa conversing with her little brother Kwasi asking him
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As the days went on the woman were taken up to the top of the ship, in their minds they felt it as a sigh of relief but in reality it was only a punishment at night, when the men picked them out one by one and raped them.On one of the nights Amari was taken by a sailor with a red headed sailor.Amari thought that he was going to rape her but instead he cared for Amari and taught her a few words like water,bucket, & shackles. As the death ships journey comes to an end Amari and Afi discuss what will happen in America. Amari shared with Afi that America is beautiful. She thought it would be wretched. Afi says to Amari to find beauty wherever they can as words of wisdom because she knows what lies ahead of them.Afi and Amari thank each other for being together on the journey. Then, as he boat reached their destination at Sullivan’s Island a bald man visits the ship, evaluates the women. Amari uses Afi's strength to get past the man. Amari knows that from that moment her onward her life will change again. The journey to the Island is in the category of Health and social education because as the slaves journeyed they had learn to stop fighting because it was only going to get worse for themselves, they also made a realization that they were no longer their individual person but they were someone else's property and that they will soon learn how to cooperate if they want to live.

The AOI of Health

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