Copper Sun Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… “The slave auction” the following day the slaves were taken in groups to unload the ship.The woman were placed in a small boat similar to the one that the took them away from their homeland. As the short boat ride began one of the rowers announced that this place is Sullivans Island. As the ladies came of the small boat and unto the land Amari referenced it to “mashed fufu” because of the softness of the sand. Following the walk on the sand the woman and man were taken to a building where they were sold, the men on the first day and the woman the following day. On the day Amari was sold she noticed a young lady standing beside a wagon reading a paper, this young girl will be later introduced as Polly. Amari was auctioned off to a man named Mr.Derby Amari was a birthday present for his eldest son Clay, Amari was bought and shoved into the wagon with Polly . They never uttered a word to one another because Amari was too heartbroken from being separated from Afu and Polly doesn't like slaves she also see’s them as a non factor. As the Young ladies arrive at the rice plantation, Mr.Derby introduced himself , his son Clay , his pregnant wife , and noah. After that Mr.Derby was looking at Amari and tried to communicate with her but she knew that if she responded she would get into problems so she just looked and not say a word. Polly was assigned to take care of Amari , to make sure that she knows …show more content…
they endured pain ,agony, some were raped, majority beaten and they were all treated like they were not human beings. This novel has a strong AOI connection to Health and social education because they all had to learn and adapt to the way their masters wanted them to act. They also realized that they were no longer to themselves they belonged to someone else its like there are someone else's property. But despite of all that torture they still kept their faith and on the inside they kept the African spirit

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