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(Scullion, 2008) Once clarification has been sought and the patient realises that they have a life limiting condition they can often experience loss. Emotions such as anger and sadness form part of the normal response to adversity and grief. (Blackler et al. 2007) Feelings of guilt and remorse with regard too their past actions may weigh heavy on some patients due to well known link between tobacco use and the development of lung disease. (Blackler et al. 2007) Patients may be unable to accept the diagnosis and find themselves in denial, others may attempt to bargain or feel depressed resembling the stages seen in the grieving process. (Kubler-Ross, 1969) Other patients may have a passive acceptance of their condition and view it as a way of life rather than an illness that disrupts life. (Pinnock et al. 2010)

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As with other chronic long term diseases, treatment and care is based on preventing further damage to the patient and dealing with symptoms rather than evoking a cure. Despite this, it is common for patients to have poor adherence to treatment which along with resulting in increased rates of morbidity, increased healthcare expenditure, more frequent hospitalisations, possible mortality and an unnecessary escalation of therapy, it also leads to an unnecessary diminished quality of life.
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