Cooperation Is What Makes Us Human Essay

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“Cooperation is what makes us human” vs “Thought

In the essay “Cooperation is what makes us human” the author determines the reason

why cooperation makes us human. The author analyzes by using specific examples the

differences that we have between animal’s cooperation and Human beings cooperation, while

in the “Thought experiment” essay the author point out two kind of life’s perception. While

analyzing these two essays, I had two important questions in mind, which is how and why these

two essays are related? From these two essays, I actually have made connections that I am

going to talk about later in my essay regarding similarity of their messages by using different

and specific examples.

In the “cooperation is what makes us human” essay, the author talked about

Chimpanzees which have shown that they don’t cooperate between them. As he said in the

essay “Chimps don’t point because they don’t think in terms of “we”, they think in terms of

“me”. Chimpanzee world is egocentric: Every Chimp for himself”. The only moment when

Chimp cooperate is when is about food. Tomasello said “Chimp can also hunt together without

deliberately coordinating” or when he says again “during the chase, each Chimp simply

maximizes his own chances of catching the prey, each will position himself he thinks the

monkey will try to break out the circle of predators.” In contrast, human beings are naturally

thinking in term of “we” rather than thinking in term of “me”. This is what…

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