Cooperating Teacher : My Clinical Teacher Essay

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Cooperating Teacher - My clinical teacher, Jennifer Bradley, has taught: fifth, sixth, and seventh-grade literacy for one year, second grade for two years, and first grade for three years. She has a bachelor 's degree in mass media from Henderson State University and a Masters degree in early childhood education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Jennifer currently teaches first grade for three years, however, it has not been consecutive. She has taught in the current school she is employed at for three years as well. Jennifer uses a positive guidance approach in the classroom. She keeps her focus on good behavior, trying to reward it when possible. She practices democratic methods in her classroom such as voting, giving students choices when at all possible, asking for their opinions, and giving the students a voice in the overall classroom environment. She frequently refers to the classroom as a “team” and/or “family”. Her rapport with current and past students is honestly the best I have ever seen. She is loved by all, even students that she has not had in her classroom. She is well known and liked around the school. Jennifer’s classroom is all student based. She uses a constructivist teaching style within her classroom. Students are at the center of all activity. She builds everything off of prior knowledge and student’s ability to connect to the information. Books are a staple in her instruction that helps her bridge students experiences with presented…

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