Cooper Green Hospital And Community Care Plan Essay

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Cooper Green Hospital and Community Care Plan
There are maximum poor people and citizens needed medical treatment. There are some problems with the growth and because of that this case is very interesting. The later situation is being worst. People did not come to the organization that time. There was so much budget pressure I the hospital and the cost overrun was commen in the hospital that time. There were less staff in the hospital and the stock as also so less with the overflow of the patients in the organization. Some of the major problems faced by the hospital were balancing cost with maximum access to care. They have managed employee with the budget.there were performance and demand and simplifying procedures and aligning them with policies. There was a plan called as a health first and traditional fee for service plan and community care plan. For the families, there was a prepaid membership plan based on a family which would give an opportunity to the people to receive quality medical care for at affordable prices and with less waiting time. There were major problems that plagued the company 's growth were as providing affordable good quality medical services to the indigent population of deficient country. The management team should have some critical calls for the management issues. In the hospital, there were so many problems and the all issues must be fixed as early as possible. The problems were so negative and patient revenue, and according to patients, they…

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