Cooley Distillery Essay

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Cooley Distillery: The Independent Spirit of Ireland Cooley Distillery, found in Dundalk, Co. Louth, was the first new whiskey distillery to be set up in Ireland in over 100 years and it is Ireland’s youngest, smallest and only independent whiskey distillery (“The Cooley Distillery”). John Teeling, a successful business enthusiast, investor, and Harvard Business school scholar, who found great interest and opportunity in Irish whiskey, established it in 1987. Cooley began distilling in 1989. The origins of Irish whiskey dates back to around 600 A.D., when Irish monks brought the alembic and the secret of distillation from the Middle East, according to the history of Irish Distillers. The Irish name “uisce beatha” translates to “water …show more content…
The United States is a major contributor to the recent success of Irish whiskey, and it was projected that by this year, sales would increase to over 8,000,000 cases, as sales have increased nearly 18% in the US alone in the last 10 years (Kennelly, Table 1).
The total market share by category of whiskey however, remains minute as Irish whiskey holds only 3% of the total market share, producing only 5 million cases per year. While this demonstrates nearly $68.8 billion in sales, the trend in brown spirits is on the up and up, and Teeling is expecting to see continued growth in the industry. Jameson with 61%, Tullamore Dew with 12%, Bushmills with 10%, and Cooley’s Kilebeggan with 5% represent nearly 89% of the worlds Irish whiskey sales (Kennelly, 3). There is tremendous opportunity for growth in a market that is constantly expanding and evolving. People are always looking for the next best thing, and with that Cooley Distillery has an advantage in that they hold the historic and iconic value that Irish whiskey once presented to the market so strongly a few centuries ago. Despite the Cooley Distillery’s role as a small market niche player in a market dominated by multinational competitors, the company has realized the necessary steps it needs to take to remain a competitive player. Teeling has made the company aware of its external environment and the weaknesses and threats that the company must face in order to remain

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