Coolective Bargening Essay

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Collective Bargaining

What is Collective Bargaining?
Collective bargaining consists of negotiations between an employer and a group of employees so as to determine the conditions of employment. The result of collective bargaining procedures is a collective agreement. Employees are often represented in bargaining by a union or other labor organization.
By help of collective Bargaining, both employees and employers can negotiate about the specific issues, in terms of notional law, such as: the rules that govern their relationship, wages, hiring practices, layoff, promotions, safety of work, job conditions, working hours, work discipline, benefit programs, and etc.
Once both sides have reached a contract that they find agreeable, it
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As the contract is being negotiated and discussed, general employees also have a right to make comment about it ,through their union officers. However the contract is the combination of needs of the entire workforce, also with limitations that the employer desires to put in to. The result is a powerful document, which usually shows cooperative effort. Sometimes, in some cases, the union of workforce or the employer may use antagonistic tactics such as striking or creating a lockout, in order to push the agreement through.

Benefits to Both Parties (Employers & Workforce)
For workers, collective bargaining is brilliant tool. Many workplaces benefit from unionization, which allows workers to talk and consult together as a body to assert their rights. Employers also benefit from collective bargaining agreements, which set out clear expectations for both sides. The experience of collective bargaining can also be a learning experience for both sides of the discussion, and help employers and employees to consider each other's positions.

Essential Features of Collective Bargaining
There are several essential features of collective bargaining, all of which cannot describe in a single definition or a sentence:
A. It is not the same as collective agreements because collective bargaining means to the process or means, and collective agreements means the possible result, of bargaining.

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