Converting The Metric System And The International System Of Units

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Converting To the Metric System
The United States should switch to the metric system or the International System of Units because it’s more efficient and easy to understand. The United States uses a different measuring system which is called customary units. We are one of the three counties; Liberia, and Myanmar that doesn’t use the metric system. The metric system is better to use than any other measuring system. During the 1990’s NASA lost upwards of $125 million worth of equipment because one team used the metric system and the other team didn’t. (Conradt)
The customary units are 12 inches in one foot and three feet in one yard. One mile has 5280 feet or 1760 yards. The metric system is a lot easier to understand. For example, the distance of one meter is 100 centimeters. And one kilometer has 1000 meters. For customary units, it’s all over the place, increasing by 12 then by 5280 which is odd. A lot of people probably don’t know how many feet are in one mile. But with the metric system they increase by exponents of tens, such as tens, hundreds, or thousands which is easy to comprehend. This is also helpful to find out how far something is. Since mostly everyone around the world uses the metric system people from the U.S would have to multiply 1.6 to the amount of kilometers to find how many miles it is. Knowing these conversions can be useful because if someone from the United States is traveling overseas they would need to understand the distance when someone is talking…

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