Essay on Conversation Between An Atheist And A. A Theist

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Conversation between an Atheist and a Theist
Preface: There are two guys at a restaurant, one who studies Christian apologetics, specifically in pressumptionalism, named Danny and his best friend, Michael, who is a University professor at Georgia Tech in engineering, who is an atheist.
Danny: So why do you not believe that an omnipotent God is logical reason, or that he is the creator of everything?
Michael: Well, let’s start with this idea/question that I learned about in a philosophy class. If God is all-powerful, can he make a rock so heavy that even he cannot lift it? Think about this for a moment, this easily shows that an all-powerful god cannot exist, because it should be able to solve any problem/situation it comes across!
Danny: First off, this question doesn’t really come across as logical, or even as a viable question. It’s like asking, can you park in reverse while going forward? No, because logically, it is impossible to even comprehend of such an idea existing or being made possible.
Michael: But if he is ‘God’, shouldn’t there be any limits to his possibilities and power?
Danny: No, and I believe your question has a misunderstanding about the definition of omnipotent or ‘all-powerful’. The term does not mean that God can do anything. Instead, it describes the amount of God 's power. I believe that power is the ability to effect change or to make something happen. God has unlimited power, and the Bible affirms this in many bible verses such as, (Job 11:7-11;…

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