Convergys Code of Business Conduct Essay

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Company Philosophy

Vision: Convergys is the leader in relationship management. They provide innovative solutions that drive more value from their clients’ everyday relationships with their customers and employees. Convergys is acknowledged as a world leader that enables organizations everywhere to enhance the value of their relationships through excellent and efficient outsourcing programs. Convergys provides their clients with new perspectives and solutions to their existing and future relationships. Convergys takes a holistic, end-to-end approach to relationship management, mining their clients’ existing relationships for breakthrough performance improvements, focused business insight, and extraordinary added value.

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Convergys also knows a healthy and effective team is free of harassment and discrimination, so strict regulations are stated in the Code of Business Conduct to ensure neither crime is committed in the workplace.

Developing People - Convergys commits to providing employees with dedicated resources to further develop their skills and knowledge. The Mission and Vision of the Code of Business Conduct focus on personal and professional growth within the Company.

Diversity - Convergys is an equal opportunity employer. They are constantly seeking highly effective professionals, regardless of race, gender, culture, creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Relationship management is a global market, and a global market requires global diversity and inclusion. The Global Diversity Council is a group of 80 employees who are leaders in their businesses and work to define diversity as it relates to Convergys workforce.

Corporate Citizenship - Through Corporate Public Relations, Convergys provides accurate information about the Company to the public, building a realistic sense of trust. Convergys encourages its employees to devote time and resources to improving the quality of life in theircommunities. In Jacksonville, Florida, female Convergys employees go to the PACE Center for Girls and

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