Convergent Thinking In Classroom Research

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Since the beginnings of education, the type of thinking that is develop is convergent thinking. Convergent thinking is known as the ability to always give the right answer. The first day of school for students is always hearing what the teachers says to be correct and incorrect, so then they can base their decision on the classroom standards . Guy M. Haas is is a researcher on curricula based on the introduction of computer programming, defines computer programming as the “descript[ion] of processes and procedures;” it also surrounds the “authoring of algorithms” (3). In schools, the creativity component of programming is not shown. As a result, there are job opportunities not being taken due to the small population whose experience is in computer programming.
The limited ways of learning that are offered for students prevent them from taking initiative in school projects. In the 21st century, students need to learn to be independent thinkers and problem solvers. The kinds of problems that they will be asked to solve in the ever growing technological
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Stacey Goodman is an artist-teacher focusing on bringing contemporary and social art into the classroom through a balance between divergent thinking and convergent thinking with high school students, grades 9-12. Goodman proposes a strategy to get students to think divergently in classrooms, like instead of inquiring “questions to which there is a correct answer, try to ask students to formulate “their own problem”. Students pose their problem by first tapping into their own wishes and goals that might have real-life results or be largely theoretical and in end in the modeling stages” (3). A teacher should allow divergent thinking or convergent thinking in certain circumstances, so the student does not only learn to follow the

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