Convergent Boundaries And Tectonic Plates Converge Essay examples

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Convergent boundaries are the place where two tectonic plates converge, two plates move together and colliding. These convergent zones tend to be where compressional stresses are active and this may result in thrusts or reverse faults being common. Converging plate boundaries are either subduction boundaries or collision boundaries.
Subduction boundaries occur where oceanic lithosphere is pushed beneath continental or oceanic lithospheres. Where two plates converge at an oceanic trench a subduction boundary is formed as cold oceanic lithospheres are pushed back down into the mantle. This happens because the oceanic plate is denser than the continental plate so, as they move together, the oceanic plate is forced underneath the continental plate.
Collisional boundaries occur when two plates of continental lithosphere collide, resulting in fold-thrust mountain belts. The continental crust is pushed together as the plates push together and is forced upwards hence the term "folding" is coined. Fold mountains are created by this process of folding, where two continental plates converge and push towards each other fold mountains can also be formed. This is how the French Alps were formed.
The main tectonic activity that occurs in the Alps is earthquakes and there are very rare volcanic eruptions that have occurred in the northern French Alps. Hazards that are associated with the Alps boundary are volcanoes and earthquakes.

The French Alps in Europe are formed by the…

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