Essay on Convention On The Rights Of The Child ( Crc )

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Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is a fundamental normative instrument which plays a significant role of providing rights to both young people and children (Todres et al, 2006). CRC understands what the children needs and ensures that they are not discriminated. CRC is interconnected with both social and environmental factors and both play a secondary role. With respect to these factors, CRC ensures that children live in a favorable environment, safe, healthy and non-pullulated environment. The factors are also concerned with child development both socially and emotionally. In offering children their rights, CRC is concerned with a place which children themselves can feel satisfied, a place where they can implement life skills and more important interact with friends as well as the community in general (Todres et al, 2006). Considering the interconnection between the two factors and CRC, children should have a common right. Regardless of sex, culture, age and disability should live in a supportive environment and in this CRC ensures that similar situation should be in urban and rural areas and do this CRC puts effective measures which prevents social and ethnic segregation. Considering environmental factors, polluting industries should be located faraway from where the children dwells, schools or even places of work. The second principle with respect to the two factors is based on the idea that all children should have personal interest. This indicates…

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