Convenience Stores Have Come A Long Way Essay example

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Convenience stores have come a long way since the first one was founded in 1927. The first 7-eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas as the Southland Ice Company. It started out as “Tote’m” stores where they sold blocks of ice to the local community. One night, after a football game, the store got so busy that the employees forgot to close up the store. This is when the idea of staying open 24/7 came about. “Tote’m” then changed its name to “7-eleven” as a play on the store hours because they were now open from 7 to 11. 7-eleven started a trend for other convenience stores to stay open longer, even 24/7. Not only did the convenience stores stay open longer, but they also started serving as sources for supplementary shopping. You could find more and more products in a convenience store that you would typically find in a normal shopping market, like Walmart. Today, there are many different ranges of convenience stores, anywhere from upscale to “mom-and-pop” corner shops. The story of the convenience store looks a little different for Taiwan. The first convenience stores opened in 1980. Because Taiwan had one of the world’s highest population densities, it was a major target for convenience stores (and still is today). Taiwan was such a successful place for these stores. While America did horizontal zoning, Taiwan built their buildings with vertical zoning. Vertical zoning brought in a lot of traffic for the stores. Another reason convenience stores were perfect for Taiwan was…

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