Convenience Sample Of African American Women Ages 18 And Older

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Participants for this research will comprise a convenience sample of African American women ages 18 and older. Researchers will contact community organizations such as schools, churches, public libraries, health care facilities, and churches to publicize the research and evaluate willingness to participate in this study. If interest is confirmed, flyers and informational materials will be made available at those organizations. Furthermore, researchers will engage in rapport building by meeting with those organizations to establish trust and strengthen community connections. Contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers will be provided on the fliers, as well as made available to the organization displaying the flyers. Individuals interested in participating will be asked to contact the researchers to express interest in participating and to learn more about the project. Callers will be told that the research will focus on evaluating message designs, with the objective of getting feedback from real audiences. From this phone call, researchers will ascertain interest, provide the caller with all necessary information, gather the participant’s contact information, evaluate any audio or visual accommodations that need to be made (large print forms, etc.) and designate transportation and childcare arrangements.
In the two experimental conditions, the stimuli are messages designed using the concept of cultural targeting to promote…

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