Controversial Television Advertising Essay

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Controversial Television Advertising and its Effects on Children and Teenagers When you hear sexual content, racial stereotyping, violence, women displayed as sex objects, and drinking, you may think it is your typical R rated movie, right? Wrong. Try the typical television commercial. Television advertising with positive messages can influence children and teenagers to make better decisions and positive behavioral changes. The same can be true when they view negative messages. This too, can influence children and teenagers, for the worse. The impact television advertising has on our youth shapes the way they behave and see the world. Is this the way you want the youth of today to see the world? Do you want them mimicking the …show more content…
It doesn’t seem that they are too focused on their responsibility. We hear it on a regular, maybe even daily, basis: sex sells. The question is: what exactly is it selling and to whom? There are thousands of commercials broadcasted everyday that use sex as its main selling point. The majority of the products in these advertisements by and large have nothing to do with sex. What is the purpose in placing a scantily dressed woman beside a cheeseburger or a bare-chested man next to a tub of butter? The answer is shock value. Your attention is gained by the visual that stimulates your brain and now the image of that advertising is stuck in your head along with the product that was being advertising. Children and teenagers are drawn in the same way. On television today sex is everywhere, music videos, commercials, and prime time television shows and children and teenagers see it all too often. Sex is shown in the same light as alcohol use; it is fun and exciting and if you do it you can be just as fabulous as those doing it on television. What are not shown are the serious consequences of extramarital and sex before marriage: unwanted pregnancy, disease, emotional suffering, and many other things that can result from sexual acts at a young age

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