Essay on Controversial Issue : Drinking Age

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Controversial Issue: Drinking Age According to a recent poll, over 135 U.S. colleges have signed the petition to lower the drinking age to eighteen. It is common fact that majority of college students consume alcohol on a weekly bases. Although many believe that anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited from consuming alcohol in the United States, underage drinking is allowed in eleven states for educational purposes, twenty-nine if done on private property with parental consent, in sixteen for medical purposes, and twenty-six states for religious purposes. The controversy of lowering the drinking age has been and still is a major debate within our political system. The drinking age should in fact be lowered for several reasons, which are but not limited to: benefiting the economy, the age of twenty-one is largely ineffective due to the vast number of teens who already participate in drinking, lowering the urge to want to drink, allows the eighteen to twenty year old to be safer while drinking, and eighteen is the legal age of an adult thus, each individual is responsible enough to make choices for him or herself. Majority of the rest of the world has implemented the drinking age to eighteen for hard liquor and sixteen for beer and wine. In today’s current economy, the purchasing of alcoholic beverages contributes to a small proportion, but surely does add up. By expanding the consumer market to eighteen to twenty year olds, the sales would increase which would also cause…

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