Controlling Antibiotic Resistance : A Literature Review Essay

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Controlling Antibiotic Resistance: A Literature Review Antibiotic resistance can be attributed to both overuse and incorrect use of antibacterial medications. Resistance spreads more quickly when antibiotics are used frequently, or if the patient does not complete the prescribed course (Aziz, 2013). The aim of this paper is to review the literature relevant to reducing antibiotic resistance through patient education, and expose the need for additional research in this area. The author of this paper intends to implement a project that will determine if a Power Point presentation aimed at the appropriate use and indications for antibiotics has a positive impact on parent’s expectation of antibiotics during upper respiratory illness.
Patient Education
Antibiotic resistance is a widespread problem that requires a variety of strategies to combat (Aziz, 2013). Currently, between 50% and 75% of all antibiotic prescriptions written annually are for upper respiratory infections (Alder et al., 2005; Rodis, Green, Cook, & Pederson, 2004). Because respiratory illnesses have such a high incidence of antibiotic prescription rates, it is beneficial to investigate factors affecting this practice. A review of literature found an array of research has been conducted on the most effective methods to reduce antibiotic prescription rates. Often, both provider and patient interventions were evaluated simultaneously. It is difficult to ascertain which interventions had a more impressive…

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