Black Coffee Research Paper

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9) Drink Black Coffee
Coffee has more uses than just waking you up in the morning, studies are showing that coffee, specifically black coffee, can help you control your weight and manage your hunger pangs. A study done by researchers at Brooklyn College showed that caffeinated coffee significantly lowered hunger during the study period. Eleven men, all at a healthy weight, were given one of three beverages: caffeinated black coffee, water with caffeine, or decaffeinated coffee, they were then given glucose to ingest. The researchers then monitored the men over a 180 minute period, taking blood samples to monitor the levels of hormones that control hunger. The results showed two things, first, that the men who had ingested the black coffee
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The best strategy is to just stay active and put yourselves in situations where you cannot eat. Feeling hungry around noon? Go for a jog or a walk. Are you at work and thinking about getting a snack to help you stay focused? Try drinking a bottle of cold water to suppress the hunger. Once you get into the rhythm of controlled fasting, you will find it becomes much easier. And once you start fasting, you will find that it is easier to eat less because you are so used to not eating at all. While fasting is not a good way to build up muscle or get in shape, but if you want to just lose weight, it is not a bad way of going about it. Many people say you will lose muscle mass, and your body will lack the necessary nutrients, but as long as you are taking healthy doses of vitamins and supplements, then controlled fasting is nothing to worry …show more content…
If you think you are full you will feel full, likewise if you think you are hungry, you will feel hungry. A study was done on fifteen men, where each one was made to drink a milkshake that was either 100 calories or 500 calories. The 100 calorie shakes were thick, while the 500 calorie shakes were runny. Both shake types were identical in terms of nutrition and ingredients. What the study found was that people who drank the thick shake of 100 calories were fuller than those who drank the runny, 500 calorie shake. It was entirely psychological. Because the people drinking the thick shake had to drink it slower, they felt fuller than they really

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