Control Propagation Of Crime : Guns Essay

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A Simple Plan There is a great tragedy present in this country that is impeding our common desire of a world without conflict. This great obstacle to peace is something that the average citizen has to regrettably endure every day; this problem I refer to is violent, deplorable, crime. Every day, natives of this great land are plagued by fear for themselves, their property, and their families. This dread inflicts a mental and emotional toll on these innocent inhabitants, affecting their productivity, happiness, and health.
Crime has many different causes, not all of them preventable, but the crime rate is above and beyond what should be possible. There is a simple reason for this out of control propagation of crime: guns. These tools of death are designed for a single purpose, to kill. The best way to move toward peace is to remove the instruments of war.
Therefore, I come before you, out of concern for my country and fellow man, with a simple plan which I know will completely eliminate this primary root of crime, and am equally sure you will agree with.
My plan calls for banning the importation of all forms of weaponry into the country. Attempting to rid our country of these menaces without plugging up the source is like bailing water out of a boat while ignoring the leak. Once this has been accomplished, voluntary surrender of munitions to the government can begin. To compensate gun owners, it has been suggested that some form of tax deduction be offered, though I am…

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