Control Of Education : The State Of Federal Influences The Structure, Operation, And Academic Programs Of Public

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State controlled education is where the state of federal influences the structure, operation, and academic programs of public schools. On the other hand, the local control education is where the local leaders, institutions, or governing bodies can make independent decisions regarding management and operation of public schools. The goodness of the school is dependent on the administration and control of that given school among other factors. Over the years, state controlled schools have been seen to underperformed compared to their privately controlled and locally controlled counterparts. As a result, there have been numerous debates on whether the state should delegate the matters of control of schools and education or not.
Before we can make our argument on who should take control of education issues, we would perhaps try to understand the form of each type of education. To start with, local control education can take the following forms; Regional school boards and committees - whose membership is allotted according to the community population, school-based governance, municipal school board and regional school union is a confederation (Hadderman, 1988). For the state control education, the state government or the federal government is responsible for the day to day running of the schools. The following are therefore the arguments raised by those who think it is time the state or federal government should let the local control manage the education…

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