Essay on Control Of A Respected State Government

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There are 90,000 local governments in the United States and all of them are under the control of a respected state government. When there is a dispute between local and state government, judges usually follow Dillon’s Rule, which states that the local government is the creation of the state. This ideology is different from Fordham’s Rule and Cooley’s rule, which give more power to the local governments. Dillon’s rule is important because of its impact on city and other local government and how they function.
First of all, we need to understand Dillon’s Rule. As stated above, Dillon’s Rule maintained that because local government is the creation of the state, local government needs to do whatever the state wants them to, and they have no power in controlling the decision. This idea is the most prevalent in the court, so whenever there is a dispute between state and local governments, the court usually favors state government over the local government. This favor to the state government is the most discernable difference between Dillon’s rule and Fordham’s rule and Cooley’s rule. While Dillon’s rule stated that local government has to do whatever state government tells them to and they have no power in deciding, Fordham’s rule said that the state government can tell local government what to do, but the local government can also decide for itself what it wants. On the other hand, Cooley’s rule argued that the relationship between local government and state government is like…

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