Control Impact Attitude And Behavior Essay

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After taking the Locus of Control, my results states that I believe, or succeed, or even fail in a particular situation is primarily due to my own effort. If I work hard enough and intelligent enough, I know that I will ultimately achieve what I want. My score showed that I was “very internal.” I believe the results to be true because I can be very lazy in everything I do. When I put my mind to something and try my best and change my attitude I become the best. I gave 100% last semester and got 3.7 g.p.a. I have never applied myself in school and did poorly in my work ethics and I got negative results but when I tried my best I succeeded. My mood did not impact my score because I am very tired and not feeling well today emotionally yet I took the test base off, overall how I usually feel. I was not surprise with the scores and they did make sense.

Locus of Control impact attitude and behavior are the fuel needed to push a person’s motivation to succeed. A person’s attitude transforms often. Locus of Control believes that attitude is a choice, it is not something that is given. We can decide how we should behave, because it is our choice to make in every situation. Locus of Control also believes that attitude is reflected base on what a person believes. If we believe in something than the natural instinct wants to find evidence of it in order to make it true. If we believe something to be true or false it will affect our attitude. We must believe in…

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