Essay about Contributions Of The Roman Empire

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Contributions of the Roman Empire There have been numerous contributions to society by the Roman Empire in terms of politics, religion, technology, and culture. One of the largest political contributions by the Roman Empire was the foundation on which our modern democracy is formed upon. The Roman Empire also led a large part in the spreading of the Christian faith. One of the most notable technological advancements of the Roman Empire was the invention of the aqueduct. Each of these advancements put in motion by the Roman Empire have tremendously affected modern life and our path to where we are today. The Roman Empire formed the first known republic, which led the way to the democracy in which we live in today. The Roman Republic was very advanced for their time and introduced different practices that were not heard of in their time. One of the most prevalent new ideas they introduced was the concept of three different government branches. By dividing the power between the three branches they eliminate the concentration of power within the hands of a few. Reducing the chance of a dictatorship or too much power resting on one position was the motivation behind the creation of the three branches. These branches also performed checks and balances between each other, which is a practice that is heavily used today. Another political advancement made within the creation of the Roman Republic was the concept of a “citizen.” This classification helps with patriotism but also…

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