Leonardo Da Vinci Influence

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The Renaissance was the period immediately after the middle ages in Europe from the early14th century and reached to the late 16th century, that saw a great rival in interests in learning values. Many styles of paintings, sculptures and decorative arts are associated with the Renaissance. New technologies were introduced during the time period like the printing press and new discovery tools for astronomy, providing a spike in philosophical literature and art. “The main origin of the renaissance was that scholars proclaimed that they were re-awakening classical Roman culture” (History.com)

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452 near a Tuscan town if Vinci, he apprenticed the sculptor and painter Andrea del Verrocchio. “In 1478 became
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This oil painting is done on a wood panel was painted sometime between 1503 and 1519, during the time Leonardo da Vinci was living in Florence. The artwork is now in the louvre after being repaired in 1951 because the poplar wooden panel it was painted on showed signs of warping and small cracks. Past the vast age of the painting the lines and detail are very well formed, the detail to clothing and far off landscape are just exquisite. The shading around the neck and hair is kind of blurry and spotty and the painting lacks detail on her chest. No one really knows who the woman depicted in the painting is, there are many speculations on who she actually is. Some say it’s his mother, some say it’s his self-portrait as he disguising himself as a woman to resemble certain aspects of him. They say that might be why the smile/grin is so controversial because it may not be a woman portrait at …show more content…
To me I don’t really see a specific meaning of reason for this painting, just seems like a normal portrait painting with a nice landscape background. Now that aside there are some differences, in the artwork you should notice she has no eyebrows and the eye lashes are almost non-existent. Her smile looks to be almost forced so to me it provokes the emotion of nervousness almost? Her eyes seem to drift away from center looking a bit more left (from her point of view) than they probably were meant to be. There is little to no detail in the chest area of the sitter so that leads me to believe that he showed no interest in her bust so he painted the minimum and continued. He shows great detail in her clothing and the closer portion of the background, he was known for procrastinating during his paintings so I would say it took him a while to get that part finished since he shows such focus to detail on it. This artwork doesn’t truly trigger any personal emotions or memories, the reason I chose this artwork is because I’ve just always heard about it and I’ve actually seen it in person but didn’t get to be close to it because there were so many people. To conclude this paper I would just like to say that this piece of artwork is very well done and is one of the most valuable paintings in the world, reaching over $1 Billion dollars in price. Apart

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