Peter The Great Essay

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The largest country in the world, Russia, is one of the most powerful nations. Russia is extremely rich with natural resources. Russia is a country with advanced technology and science. It is a country with high cultural values and magnificent history. Today’s prosperous Russia is thankful to its great rulers such as Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, and Peter I, who was named the Great for his impressive rule. Peter the Great, the last Russian tsar and the first Russian emperor, stands out in Russian history due to his charismatic personality, magnificent contributions to the rise of Russia, and the love of people. Peter the Great stood out with his bright and charismatic personality; this included his non-human physical strength, …show more content…
Besides that, Peter I changed the meaning of the term fashion- he organized a “fashion reform.” His passion for the sea and great military mind led to the expansion of the empire near its southern border. The emperor brilliantly won the Northern was against the Swedish, which resulted in Russia gaining access to the Baltic Sea. As a military strategist, Peter understood that he needed to build cities in the Northern part of the country. Despite the fact that the area was really swampy, and building a city would be a really tough job, Peter, thanks to his tenacity, founded one f the most beautiful cities in the world, St. Petersburg. The city is like a museum under an open sky and is considered a world heritage center in UNESCO. As a great military leader, Peter founded the Russian Navy, by working on the shipbuilding factories by himself. Not only he founded the Navy, Peter radically modernized the Russian Army. Thanks to all these radical reforms, Russia became one of the most powerful and influential countries in Europe. The start of reign of Peter the Great is the starting point of modernizing Russia. Peter was amused by civilized European countries, so he decided to reform the Russian way of life, including his “fashion reform.” Peter eradicated the wild morals of the Russian people, replacing them with the civilized European etiquette. Before the reign

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