Contributions Of Immigration To American Culture Analysis

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The Contributions of Immigrants to American Culture
According to Hirschman 2, the American Immigration standard account pays much attention to the acculturation as well as the assimilation that the immigrants are going through. Moreover, the immigrants do not find opportunities to contribute to the American culture creation through arts as well as other cultural activities. Immigrants have more talents as compared to the Native American citizens. However, because they are not Native Americans that finds it difficult to pursue the career. As a result, the American institutions have become more meritocratic. They have also come up with innovations that never existed before. From this, the article would be very good in explaining how identity
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The writer discusses the impact of immigration using the life of the interviewee. He explains the trauma and the tension that the immigrants undergo. Moreover, several outcomes come because of being an immigrant. The immigrants have a life full of worry. To some extent, they desire to commit suicide because of what they are going through while they are in a foreign country. The article clearly demonstrates the prominent features of the immigrants. These features have a great influence on their identity or success in a foreign land (White …show more content…
They have their culture and they stick to it. For instance, everything is done in America, including shopping, goes American way. Therefore, for the first time for immigrants, they might find it difficult to cope up with how Americans carryout themselves. Moreover, the author has managed to portray some of the things that make the immigrants feel inferior and unsettled. Some immigrants also feel that they have been going through life in a reverse way. Therefore, the best way to use this article is through explaining the casual relationship that exists between the immigrants ' feelings concerning their native land and how they can be successful in America. This depends on what the experiences they are going through while they are in America. Moreover, the article also expresses how American defines American values based on how they carry out

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