Contributions Of Bill Gates

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Register to read the introduction… The views of others best prove this. “Gates has been an animating force behind the personal computer revolution, helping to build a huge global industry and engineer blockbuster products like Windows and Office, used every day in offices and homes around the world” (Lohr). This is true with the statistics of the uses for Microsoft products. “Mr. Gates and his company have fundamentally shaped how people think about competition in many industries where technology plays a central role. Today, there are more than one billion copies of the Windows operating system on PCs around the world” (Lohr). He formed a technology platform that was simple at first, and expanded on it, while others did as well. He ushered the revolution of computers. Other companies such as Apple and Google have used this idea in their operating systems. In this same New York Times article, professor at the MIT’s Sloan School of Management Michael A. Cusumano points out that: “Gates saw software as a separate market from hardware before anyone else, but his great insight was recognizing the power of the network effects surrounding the software” (Lohr). Gates indeed recognized the power of network effects because his ideas resonated with others who expanded on his work, or purchased his products. Nowadays this is true …show more content…
Microsoft has several new products to compete with current companies and to keep up with today’s technology. They are phones, game consoles, laptops, tablets, and more. Gates’ Microsoft shares their statistics via “Microsoft By the Numbers.” Significant facts are that Internet Explorer has 56% usage share of the Internet worldwide, and that over one billion use Microsoft Office, equivalent to 1 in every 7 people on Earth. Microsoft also has a Windows phone with 2 billion downloads of apps. The online gaming network of Xbox consoles, Xbox Live, has 48 million users in 41 countries (“Microsoft”). They also provide Skype, a purchased video-chatting service (Ferrell), in which users combined spend about 2 billion minutes per day socializing on (“Microsoft”). Microsoft has a service called Cybercrime Center, which helps victims of cyber crimes fight back. The point is that Bill Gates cultivated and raised the company to become what it is

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