Contribute to the Support of Children and Young People’s Development Through Play.

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Contribute to the support of children and young people’s development through play. In this assignment I plan to explain how play helps to improve the development of children and young people. Play is extremely important for the development of children. It is important that from a young age children play with things like toys and even with other children. Between the ages of 0 – 3 is when children develop the most. Through play children can improve their fine and gross motor skills by using toys such as shape sorters and using musical tables which have buttons and things to turn. This helps to develop fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are developed through crawling and learning to walk. If children have toys that are spread out whilst …show more content…
Whereas children who are encouraged to do what they want when it comes to play tend to be more free and able to make friends. Also they can tend to become bossy as they are used to doing what they want. This is why it is important that children have a healthy mix of both adult directed play and also child initiated play. Child initiated play is a very good way of observing children. This is when we see children being themselves and also we are able to see if there are any problems that the child may have with development such as communication or forming relationships with peers. In any type of play there are always risks for children, even when they are supervised. We can make situations as safe as we can for children but there are always risks. For example a baby playing on the floor with toys could pick something up and put it in their mouth and they could choke. Children, especially babies are constantly putting things like small toys ect into their mouths as this is how they learn through using all of their senses including taste. It is best when babies or small children are playing that any toys with small parts that could be swallowed are removed so that there are no accidents. However it is impossible to eliminate all risks for children as there is always going to be something’s that you cannot prevent such as falling over. You can remove any objects from the floor which children could trip over but children, especial

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